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Projected Capacitive Touch

Our Sister Company RockTouch have the technology to develop projected Capacitive touch screen, for different market requirements, you can get more information on the main RockTouch website: RockTouch Enterprise Co LTD


Standard Touch Product

A Full list of standard products

From 5"W up to 31.5"W we have LOW MOQ standard product available.

You can reach our Rocktouch website product list here:  RockTouch Enterprise Co LTD

Full Custom Touch

F/F or G technology we can customize for you

Customization: from the Cover Glass, to the Sensor Design and Controller shape and Interface, we can provide a touch screen fit your machine requirements.

R line and Vino controller 2.png

Controller Design


We have standard COB or COF controller but we can customize based on your interface and mechanical requirements

Firmware, Driver and Software

Simplify the integration

Our Software Teams has the capabilities to fully customize the Firmware features of the touch sensor.

We also developing and customizing our tools, co-working with Leading IC manufacture, to provide accessible features for our customers

Computer Programming
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