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Bonding Capabilities

FutureLabs is the Bonding Expert: from our own technology of SPECTRUM BONDING (Optical Bonding) to more simple Air Bonding, we can laminate any display and touch technology thanks to our 10.000 and 1.000 clean room.

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Spectrum Bonding

Proprietary Lamination Process 

With our Optical Bonding Material and process we can laminate any size of product from 1" up to 24" and the thickness of optical bonding lamination start from 300 nm up to 2000 nm. 

Shock and Vibration

High Impact Resistance

Our SPECTRUM BONDING technology is perfect for industries that demand high resistance to shake and shock environments, improving IK grade on the final application. It provides a crystal-clear appearance while also enhancing durability of final product.

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Fiery Sun

Solar Aging and Heat dissipation

Strong Material Property

The Material used into our process, outperform other bonding agents, on color shift and adhesive degradation, with a degree of UV resistance and non yellowish performance.

At same time our material have very good heat dissipation to release on outside environment once customer correctly integrated into the final application.

Automotive Approved

Special Application

Our SPECTRUM BONDING technology, has been approved by various clients in the automotive industry. Our projects are a testament to the quality and durability of our products. We invite you to contact us  to learn more about our innovative solutions and see the excellent results first-hand.

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Business Growth

Green Process & Reworkable

Eco Friendly

Thanks to the material used and the fully automated process our process is environmental friendly.

the process is also re-workable and that will save also a lot of waste to the planet.

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